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Preparing Your Clothing

If you are ordering a custom T-shirt, Baby's First Years, Memorial, or other item that uses items of your clothing (with the exception of ties), we ask that you launder the items using UNscented detergent and omit the dryer sheets.

Concerned about stains or worn areas on your clothing? In many cases, we can repair necessary tears for a small fee. Remember, stains add to the memories of the clothing we will be using in your special item.

For items made with men's ties, please package your ties in plastic prior to boxing. We ask that you NOT WASH your ties prior to sending them to us, as we have a process that we use in washing and preparing ties for custom items.

Please DO NOT CUT any of your clothing prior to sending to us. Despite popular belief, cutting your clothing truly makes our job of creating your custom item more difficult and results in additional charges.

Creating Memories




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Last Updated February 6, 2017
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